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So often it’s only the object we see and not the spaces in between, but this star above is created by both. So often in life it’s the things we focus on: the job, the car the tv, you know, THE THINGS. But, I think the real meaning is in the spaces in between, the relationship. The spaces are not empty, but buzzing with the possibility of creation, it’s the place where love lives, maybe it’s where God is.

So lots of things exist in the spaces in between, life for example. It’s not the organs in your body that make for life, it’s the interactions they do – that’s what stops the moment after a creature dies.  Also it turns out in physics that the empty space between “things” isn’t empty, that it is filled with dark energy, and that as the universe expands, this energy increases, sending the universe hurtling ever outward ( if you’re interested).  Also it turns out that the space between things is filled with a Higgs field, and that it’s the interaction of photons with this field that makes things real, gives them mass, (I think!)

Parts add up to more than the sum, the interaction, if correct, births new levels of existence: in the universe, in biology, in our lives and communities. Perhaps that’s  where Torah speaks loudest love your friend as you love yourself, honor your parents – it’s all about interaction that forms caring, beautiful communities in which we can live and raise our children.  Which brings us to the story of Jacob. Jacob’s been a heel grabber all his life, striving, by trickery if need be, for what he cannot have – to be better and get more than his twin brother. But one day all that evaporates, and he is sent into the wilderness. I don’t know about you, but it’s how I felt in the aftermath of the storm – without power things were more basic and clearer. With his ego just a little dimmed, he lies down.  Dreaming is a space in between, so is night. Urgently he needs solidity, a Rock (!) is his pillow and he dreams of the ultimate connection, the ultimate in relationship, a ladder who’s feet is on solid ground, but whose tip reaches into the heavens, and there, are messengers/ angels going up and going down.  The thing is, these connections are always there, but we need the insights to see them – our egos must get out of the way.  and Jacob wakes, God was in this place and I, i did not know. He might have walked right on by the very gate of heaven, maybe we do each day. and those angels go up first. Jacob’s still not there yet, making a bargain with God, he just doesn’t get it – he doesn’t ever climb that ladder! But he is changed, perhaps into someone who can enter into relationship. The next thing he will do is roll the boulder off the well, kiss his sweet Rachel, and cry out in the anguish of love. When he leaves this in between place to return to Canaan, he will enter into a wrestling relationship with a mysterious stranger. He will be shared between two wives, four women, even his sheep will be a mix between colors. But it all begins with that ladder, the ultimate connection, relationship, space between, filled with rungs to connect. But WHAT ARE THE STEPS MADE OF?  musical harmonies, perhaps (a beautiful form of interaction)? our acts of lovingkindness? certainly! yet another form of connection. chime in: what are the steps made of? would you make the climb? Where is that place in YOUR life where heaven and earth meet, and what must you dream to see it?

This song came out this morning:  Between

Take my hand and help me climb, I’ve been in the depths below; don’t know why I’m here among all these broken hearts,               ok It’s my own heart that’s been so hollow I’ll admit.  how can climb? help me look beyond my own four walls

Life happens in the space between and there are angels going up and going down.

You are that angel, inspiring me to climb to the heights of hope and mystery

Ev’ry rung is made of love, and gravity helps me to return the favor done me

And Jacob, he dreamed in the wilderness, needing that rock desp’rately; always climbing, dreaming of being his brother’s best, to defeat fist to word; But Jacob don’t you know it’s brothers that we need,    ……chorus….

Bridge: Maybe between is all we ever have, between heaven and earth, between  death and birth, Between you and me it’s love that’s the best, helps us find our way in the wilderness

But Jacob never climbs that ladder, his between. so did he miss the point of his great dream? God was in this place and I didn’t know, Next thing he’s rolling that old rock off a water well, kissing his sweet Rachel; and wrestling makes a space between two  brothers                     …chorus…


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