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Shooting Stars on Chanukah

The moon belongs to everyone, the best things in life are free; the stars belong to everyone, they gleam there for you and me. Lyric by B.G. De Sylva / Lew Brown / Ray Henderson

It is the sixth night of Chanukah, all the flames have burned down dark. It is also the new moon, Rosh Chodesh Tevet. It is the darkest month, and the darkest time of that month. But my head is spinning. On this clear, moonless night, Jupiter is shining piercing bright, a close approach to our planet. And we are passing through the Geminid meteor shower. So I walked outside, looking upwards, hoping to see a shooting star, but prepared for disappointment: you know, the light pollution, stars fade in the wash of man made lights of the auto dealerships and malls. And then I saw that streak across the sky. I cried out. Then another and a third, I screamed and jumped up in absolute glee (I really did, in the middle of the street at night). And When I finally eame inside I wondered: how can glitz and glitter, even our Chanukah candles even compare to Jupiter and shooting stars? The meteorites are visitors from time and space, reminders of the vastness. My own candles seemed so small, brief, and insignificant in comparison. But I was feeling way too good to accept this answer. Then I knew, my candles, my life too, is a window, a link through time and space. Their light’s made of hope and photons, just as the stars (and meteors and planets) are. Their shine carries memories of childhood menoras kindled. Joseph’s insight is that our dreams are windows to a greater reality – the faith of finding meaning in our symbols of hope and fear. And because of this insight he knows that we must save up the pieces of light for the dark times. That this will save life. Joseph is recognized as having insight, wisdom and Ruach Elohim, the spirit of God within him. That gorgeous night sky on this dark December night! Those lights are a window to my own lights, they are shards of light within the darkness, and ask us to open up our mind to what our dreams know: those sparks of hope saved up against the darkness are beautiful, timeless, and somehow linked to the candles in the menorah.

Behind all seen things lies something vaster; everything is but a path, a portal or a window opening on something other than iteself. Saint-Exupery, Wind, Sand and Stars

These song lyrics by Josh Nelson (The Josh Nelson Project)

In these lights we are surrounded by these lights, we are reminded by these lights, there are stories that will light our way.

In these lights we are reflected in these lights we are protected by these lights, there are miracles to find here in these lights.


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  1. Beautiful, poetic insights, Margo. Thanks for sharing!

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