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Remember swim wings on little children? One of my scariest memories as Momma involves those wings. We were visiting great grandma in Florida, and my little girl was only 3, and we were “swimming” together, but the air was kind of cold. We were on the pool steps, taking off those bright orange wings. “Wait,” I said, “I’ll grab that towel.” But when I turned away, she climbed back into the water. Accustomed to the wings, she thought she’d float again. I turned back to see her walking and under. Snatched her right out and she was fine. “I called for you Momma, and you came” But I hadn’t heard her. The sight of her under the water and helpless is one I’ll never forget. How fragile our little ones are, and so deeply dependent on our imperfect selves for protection is also a feeling I’ll connect with that image. “All that had the breath of life in its nostrils died” in Noah’s flood. Water is life, and in a flood of amniotic waters we, mostly made of water, are ushered into this world. The very fact that we can be done in by water out of balance and in the wrong place scares me. Noah is a scary read. I don’t believe G-d has a temper. I think that’s us making G-d in our image.
But our actions all have karma, and there is much in our human nature that is terrifying – that makes me wonder if people are worth it. I wish the bad guys would just disappear – you know, the ones that torture and rape, and rape this planet…. The possibility that flood waters (perhaps the waters of G-d’s tears) could wash clean the slaughter in human nature is comforting, at the same time as terrifying. And our salvation comes one human being at a time, and Noah’s name means comfort. I imagine Noah today living in the south Bronx – the way it was when I was a kid. All around him is violence and burning. But this simple kid has the guts to be good amid the terror, to walk in G-d’s ways. To be kind even to animals, because it is G-d’s command. To live even though other’s think you’re crazy. Not perfect, but courageous in terrible circumstances. One soul at a time – the future of the world. Hope emerging from chaos. And from all of this destruction and slaughter emerges covenant – sacred promises.300px-kanizsa-triangle.svg-tm


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