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Lech L’cha: Calling your Name


What if you awoke one morning and the Universe’s Voice urged that message? You are wealthy, influential, married to someone whose beauty is actually scary. No kids, but a decent nephew…. Do you shake your head, go to work and shrug it off? What if the Voice keeps nagging – “Go! Leave your land (did I mention you’re a rancher?), birthplace and your Dad’s house” Only in leaving can I go to myself? you think. Where to? you think. “You’ll see”, replies the Universe. Now, come on, you must’ve been suspicious all along that there could be more than even this wealth, beauty and power. You’re not getting any younger, and the urgency of this Voice is too much to ignore any more. “Will you come with me?” you ask family and friends – there’s Real Meaning out there, and In the wilderness, away from the stress and local politics, life’s purpose will be clearer”! That must’ve been one heck-uv-a Voice he heard! I wonder what it sounded like? You’ve probably guessed that the man with the wanderlust is Avram (soon to be Abraham) and the gorgeous lady Sarai (soon Sarah). The place they are leaving is Ur, in Mesopotamia, cradle of civilization, home to hundreds of deities in that culture, and they’re going to the Promised land. It’s not unusual for people to leave their birthplace nowadays, but travel and keeping in touch are easy. My grandparents left Europe a hundred or so years ago, but they were escaping the pogroms and the Cossack draft, and poor. But what does the Voice sound like that moved a wealthy, powerful couple to pack up and leave, to who-knows-where?

I heard this beautiful and mysterious song by The Levins on Sue Horowitz’s Hope and Healing CD. I think the song nails it!
This must be the Voice that moved Avram to leave it all. The Voice called Avram’s own name with enough clarity to resonate powerfully. Perhaps it was the call to fatherhood, after all, Avram’s name means father of many, and he was childless!

When you need more than your own understanding, Lean on the power of love
The wisdom you’ll hold is worth ten times the gold, that some sell their souls for in vain.
And a peace that surpasses every thrill on this plane,
is heard when your Soul calls your Name!
And My Roads, all lead to peace
Let go of your hold and you’ll be released
Let go of your hold, and your sorrow will cease.
Wisdom will shine through you like a light through a tree
Wisdom will shine and you’ll be free, and happy.

Both Abe and the soulful life he seeks in the wilderness fall short of ideal. In Egypt, terrified his gorgeous wife will mean his demise, he tries to lie and trick his way out of danger. Sarai’s taken to the harem, and only divine intervention sets them free. Then a great fight arises over possessions with his nephew’s cow herders, and they split so as not to fight, exposing the Nephew to the dangers of Kings, and of God’s destruction of S’dom and Gomorrah. And these troubles  foreshadow his family troubles with his sons and wives to come. Finally, the Voice had to call his name twice to stop the knife in his hand from slaughtering that sought-after child who eventually comes! Messy! But still, Abe’s the renegade that will be a forefather.  When it’s so much easier to follow the well worn paths, Abe followed the Voice when it called his name!


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